Ok as promised; nothing but sunshine.  

Sometimes it can be hard to voice your gratitude but there are quite a few things I cannot say enough good things about. For example; being the facilitator of this support group. I couldn't have handled any of this without the support I have felt from this group and I am immensely grateful for the trust and community the group has given me. A lifetime of friends I will never forget or stop advocating for. I know your struggles and you know mine and it has made all the difference in who I am today. I hope that in some small way I've helped you through your days too. I will miss each and every one of you. I love you all, and though I won't be there in person I will always be available.  

If you don't already know I am leaving. I am going to stay with my dad. The goal is for us to move to Florida, warm and close to my sister. I will continue to see my primary care doctor for now, someone I also cannot express enough gratitude to. He has been very compassionate and always believed me and did what he could to help me. I believe he is the reason I was awarded the disability I very much need, and I'm afraid without his testimony I would have been overlooked. I hope I can find someone willing to do that for me in Florida. I'll admit the prospect of finding new doctors is terrifying, I've spent a decade building relationships with my network here. My massage therapist has been a major part of therapy and has done much more for me than just physical therapy, she's also been a great friend. My trigger point specialist is one of the sweetest most compassionate people I've met, plus she is hands down the best at injections (and I've had a ton) also she thinks unconventionally which is a huge advantage for those of who don't fit neatly in a box. My atlas chiropractor changed my life, that is not an exaggeration, I have never received that much relief without medication before, plus she's just awesome. The Instructors over at Mantis Kung Fu who offer free QiGong classes are saints, it's truly a gift to our community and it's amazing for them to offer such a powerful tool, I hope you will all take advantage of it while they can offer it. The crew at the therapy pool are pretty freaking awesome too. 

I will be forever grateful for my roommate and the space she made for me in her life when I needed someone the most, I'm not sure what I would have done without her support and her awesome kids who I immediately fell in love with.  

I will miss Albuquerque for the people (and the lack of bugs)  but I'm ready to move with this current and start something new. 

Thank you to everyone who made life just a little bit easier when things could have been truly awful. 

All my love and gratitude,