December 2018 meeting minutes - What's this????

Hi All,

   The usual apologies.  I've been asleep most of this month.   Those were the good times.   I've been wanting to write these minutes since the 13th, but something, and it didn't take much, would befall me.  The non-chronically ill can never understand what it's like to live with this.   This is no better or worse day for me today, and this is not easy.

  I was in all my armor as I arrived last December 4th.  Long johns, Mountain Parka, gloves to match, and -33F boots.   I'll wait until February's meeting for the full face gear.   Yeah, we decided no January 1st meeting, plus the Domingo Baca Center is closed.  Anyway, we had 7 join our meeting this time around. Chuck, Benjamin, Lynn, Tara, Barb, Eva, and Myself.

   The stone, given away to the members as they signed in, was a Prehnite is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of enhancing intuitiveness. This gemstone would strengthen owner's soul and mind, and increase the power to recognize what is really essential. It is good for people who want to grow your mental strength. Prehnite is also known as “Stone of Prediction.”

 Most of the talk in this meeting was on herbal or non-medical solutions for chronic pain.   There were some even discounting the need for doctors entirely.   Of course, it's all going to depend on where you are on that spectrum under the CSS umbrella, and how far along you are on your journey back to health.   Some  may have forgotten how it was like the early years in their journey, and maybe I'm talking about the first 10 years.   Today's pain can feel bad enough, not to judge it against that pain 20 years ago that may have been even 100 percent worse.    I say this, because that's what is happening to me today.  Year over year, I'm getting so much better, but it's sometimes very hard for me to appreciate that fact.    When I think of that person five years ago that couldn't even get off the floor to make the phone call for help, and the pain, it's such a world apart, yet I'm still in so much pain today, that I have to rely on the medical industry to provide Band-Aids.  I have to, but I also have a doctor providing me supplements that are building back my body, at a fundamental level.  It's a slow process, but I believe one year, soon, I will walk out of this 100%.    But, I don't think living in pain helps anything.  I'd rather sleep through it.

   A lot of the discussion was around the use of CBD, vaping or tincture oil under the tongue.  Other was high dose of CoQ10 200-600mg,  Vitamin D up to 20K unit, and of course Magnesium either oil, power, chewable or pills.  Of course, having a good multi Vitamin is important, and making certain you are good on your B vitamins.  That means understanding your MTHFR genetic profile and whether you metabolize folate and B12.

   As well, I recommend meditation, or my way in to sleeping.  Until recently I was getting pretty deep into meditation, and I some time ago I would have been talking about Dr. Joe Dispenza, and his books about "You are the Placibo", who I would still recommend.  If you have chronic pain, I most definitely recommend meditation, or mindfulness, or even looking at tapping as a way to focus your mind away from pain.  Lately, for me, my medication change tends to use meditation as a reason to put me to sleep.  At least I'm not in pain.

   Members have been asking for recommendations for doctors and I said I would add the one that one of our members had recently mentioned, so without any personal knowledge:  Steve Vaughn at Ortega Wellness.

   I will send out another notice, but remember - No January meeting… 

Kind Regards,


(Note for those who added their names to the sign in sheet the last two months…. I have to apologize now twice. I have Fibromyaglia, but that’s not a great excuse. I misplaced the sheet, and just can’t find it. So, I haven’t added your names to the mailing list. Please email with your contact info and I will get it done!!)