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There are many YouTube video’s on QiGong. If you have favorites, I’d love to hear about them and I could call them out here.

Providers WE LOVE:

Alissa Albers -Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor:

Marnie Shroeder - Psychotherapy:

ABQ Health Partners Pain and Spine Clinic:

Presbyterian Healthplex and Pool:

Carmen Solano, MD, FDN: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition: (505) 500-8356

Ivonne O. Boujaoude, DNM, MS, MA, CFMP, CFSP, CGP Doctor of Natural Medicine: (505) 307-2002

Dede Okpareke, PharMD, RPH:

Melody Gonzales of Village Apothecary:


Comprehensive list of available clinical trials in ABQ:

Albuquerque Clinical Trials:

Four Phase Treatment Protocol by Patricia Fennell


Low Dose Naltrexone Information:

LDN (low dose naltrexone) :


Opioid Antagonists for Pain PDF

Younger Pilot Study PDF

CortJohnson PDF

Some doctors will refuse to prescribe this drug for reasons such as being ignorant to the usage and money motivation. Be persistent and show your doctors your research if this is something you would like to try.

* Though there is research that combines opioid usage doctors often request cessation of opioids prior.  

Helpful therapies and treatments:


Helpful guidance on picking out the right stuff:

Bhang Chocolates: 

Bhang Rep (Brandon):



How to use CBD:

National Advocacy for Marijuana Law:

Sleep Health Awareness

How does pain affect sleep?

Useful bedroom aids for people with disabilities:

Mattress and bedding guide for people with fibromyalgia:

A very comprehensive overview of the connection between sleep and general health:

Suicide (prevention and coping)

The Suicide Edition by Chronic Babe:

To Write Love on Her Arms:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK

Resources from The Recovery Village. They strive to be an educational resource by featuring helpful articles, blog posts, and resource pages to increase understanding and awareness of mental health disorders that can affect so many. Find information ranging from mental health support, co-occurring disorders and addiction treatment options: 

I Am Alive:

This is from Depression and other mood disorders are the number-one risk factor for suicide, but alcohol and drug misuse – even without depression – are a close second. We have created a guide to help people understand the connection between suicide and substance misuse. Here are two links to their information:


Awesome research videos

Great video resource on many FM/CFS topics:

An update on Fibromyalgia:

LDN low dose naltrexone (doctors speaking on amazing benefits) :

The Slow Death of Compassion for the Chronically Ill :

The Bridge Between Suicide and Life (ted talk):


Disorders That Can Mimic Fibromyalgia: PDF

Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia: PDF

Getting The Most out of Your Doctor Visits: PDF

Four Phase Treatment Protocol: PDF

Disability Questions and Answers: PDF

Humidifiers and Air Purifiers: PDF

Allodynia or Hyperalgesia: PDF

Sexual Complications: PDF

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