Meeting Minutes: 2.7.2017

Big thank you to Jay Pullen for coming out and speaking with us this month on hypnotherapy and pain management.  

There are a lot of alternatives therapies you can employ to help you combat chronic illness. Jay helped to explain what hypnosis is and how it can help us manage our pain. It's isn't a magic trick (depending on how you define magic) the brain can do amazing things. We may never fully understand how our conscious and unconscious mind direct our bodies, but we can recognize there are many facets of pain and that for the most part our conscious mind is not in control, but we are every part of ourselves unconscious and conscious so ultimately we are in control whether we know it or not. 

Pain is a construct of the brain and perception is the dial, hypnosis helps you take greater control of the dial. We know science hasn't caught up with the more intangible aspects of health, there are a lot of things we know but cannot explain. Our bodies and minds remember pain, and with that memory comes anticipation of pain, which then becomes fear that you cannot cope with that pain, and finally tension programmed to guard against that expected pain, which in turn reinforces pain, our bodies keep score. Hypnosis helps us to anticipate comfort, recovery, and reduce anxiety around coping with stressors that may cause pain. 

Here are a few points of hypnosis Jay would like to note;


Degrees of success with self-hypnosis techniques depend on

regularity of practice

exploring various techniques  

releasing fear and practicing relaxation  

Level of motivation for pain relief

readiness to be free from pain  (this might sound cruel because why would we not be ready to be free of pain? but it can be complicated by unconscious motivations or negative associations with what might change) 

is the pain a punishment for "sins" real or imagined? 

Is there a negative payoff?  

Fear of letting go of the pain 

we know that pain is a signal for survival

unlike drugs, self-hypnosis only reduces unnecessary hurting

leave the "alarm system" intact  

Are you ready to  take responsibility for controlling your own pain? 

work with the understanding that pain is NOT an external sensation

our mind, body, and brain create the feeling of pain

we have ultimate control over pain because pain is felt in the mind

is learned helplessness a factor?  

With hypnosis, the "interpreting regions" may be separated

the specific region causing pain is turned off, yet the person can still identify where and what kind of pain  

all different sensation except pain can be left intact  


You can contact Jay Pullen at:  

or by phone: 505-450-2571


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