Meeting Minutes: 1.3.2017

It's easy to become fatalistic about your health when you have a condition that science doesn't understand and can't effectively treat, but the idea that we will never know what is wrong with us or have an effective treatment is becoming the old school of thought. So toss it out because science is doing some really awesome things for us. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue have come out of the world of make believe and landed firmly in reality. 

You may not realize or appreciate it yet, but we have pioneered new science, new thinking. The last few decades have been heavily focused on acute illness and immediate threats, but there has been a shift in research and more and more action is happening in research on genetic factors and cell makeup and how and why the body gets sick and stays sick. Whole fields are dedicated to cell metabolism (metabolomics) to epi-genetics and viral transcription. They are looking at the body as a complete machine, recognizing the accumulative affects. 

They have already found loads of bio markers that show changes in cell metabolism in ME/CFS versus healthy controls. They see mitochondrial dysfunction and ATP dis-regulation, they see immune dysfunction and systemic inflammatory responses. They see significant changes in our biomes and chemical signatures in our brains. Everything is related, every system depends on the other to find balance. We will see amazing new things in science and I think we will finally start to see a more tailored mind-body preventative approach to health. 

I talked about some of the science happening and the research findings, I won't go into detail but I will link you to a video that does. it's very good news please watch! There is information on new medication options and trial results. 

 Bateman Horne research updates: 

ps. If you are considering opioids as a treatment option for Fibromyalgia please consider doing some research on LDN (see resources). LDN is proving to be significantly more effective in treating fibromyalgia than opioids or any other FDA approved treatment (Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella) in research studies.

One of the many lessons I've learned is that you can never know too much about yourself. Every persons body chemistry and genetic makeup is different and we will all react differently. The more you can understand what is happening in your own body the better you can effectively modify your diet, medications, supplements and lifestyle, to improve your health. You don't have to be sick to do this either. During my research I stumbled across a site dedicated to understanding your body and the science behind it. It is a very science heavy site but is a huge resource I am so glad I found. The author of the site has made his life about bio-hacking (understanding your body and helping it run better) he gives us information on what to look for, what blood test we should get, how to understand your genetics and apply them to health. He breaks down supplements and medications, diet protocols, and lifestyle changes, and all from his own personal experience. If you have ever wanted a more in depth explanation of your supplements or what a blood test means this is an amazing resource. 

I talked a bit about his explanation on Th1 and Th2 dominant profiles, which you can be tested for and can help guide you in how to supplement and which medications might help or hurt you. It might help explain why some of us tolerate some medications a reject others or why some of us have food sensitivities and others don't. It's amazingly eye-opening and in depth. He also offers services; which I'm not promoting, but find potentially fascinating. If you have already done genetic ancestry profiles he has services to decode and understand how this applies to you. At the very least this site is a great introduction to learning more about yourself and how to hack your own health, which I truly believe is the key to finding relief and maybe even the cause. 

At some point we all come to the realization that we know more about ourselves than our doctors do and that means we have to be the ones to steer the protocol or we get stuck being a pharmaceutical Guinea Pig. 

Please Please Please check this out!!! 

here is a link directly to his sitemap which has all the topics linked:

here is a link to the supplements page which is super helpful!

Gotta love a good resource library! Happy new year, maybe this will be the year science starts catching up to Fibromyalgia!