Meeting Minutes: 11.1.2016

Hey all, so many thanks for coming out this month! I know it's hard to get out around the holidays but it was a good meeting and we covered quite a bit so here goes...  

This month we had guest speaker Charles A. Scott, D.C out to talk to us about what he's seen work for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue throughout his many years of practice with alternative healthcare.

Like most of us who have come face-to-face with the behemoth that is the medical health industry, he has become inherently skeptical of the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and standard health care practices in the treatment of chronic illness. He believes the traditional medical model fails us in that it is designed to mask symptoms and change chemistry rather than bring your body back into balance. He also believes the main culprits in the increasing prevalence of chronic illness is in fact; western medicine practices, environmental toxins, and diet. I'm inclined to agree, medication has many beneficial uses and should be an option when all else fails or in times of extremes, but there should be other options and it shouldn't be labeled alternative medicine. 

A big part of Dr. Scott's protocol focuses on disruptions of the nervous system due to allergens like; fungal toxins, environmental toxins, parasites, food toxins, and heavy metals. He utilizes an allergy elimination technique that is an evolution of the combination of N.A.E.T. and J.M.T. typically replacing acupuncture needling with acupressure and using a more powerful laser therapy. In addition to that, he also incorporates detoxification programs, enzyme and nutrition therapies. 

The idea being that, when the body undergoes a stress reaction (the adrenals don't differentiate between physical or emotional stress) it puts the adrenal system under significant strain and that in turn activates immune responses in our bodies that began to view even the most innocuous input as dangerous, and attacks. His protocol is designed to help retrain the body to react in proportion to the threat or eliminate the threat all-together. 

Hopefully we all learned a little something new, here are a few terms used in the meeting. Thanks for coming out today!

Meeting Vocabulary: 

E.A.V- Bio Meridian electrical acupuncture diagnostic system

UVB (photo-luminescence, photo-oxidation or ultraviolet blood irradiation)- the process of extracting blood, irradiating it and putting it back to kill infection in the blood and enhance immune system, also good for peripheral vascular disease, raynauds, migraines, ect.

Transdermal Nutrition- applying nutritional supplementation through skin 

A.C.A.M. (American Academy for Advancement of Medicine)

Ozone Injections- burns up toxins, bacteria, and parasites (good water purifier, alternative for chlorine)

Cold Laser Therapy- used in combination with treatments to boost efficacy and immune system 

Enzyme Therapy- very important for nutrient health and absorption, strongly combats cardiovascular disease

Oxygen Therapy - increases ATP production 

Challenge Test- inject EDTA and collect urine to test for heavy metals 

I.V. Chelation- process of removing heavy metals from body (can been dangerous and needs to be done slowly sometimes not tolerated at all) 


Mucor Mycosis- (zygomycosis) fungal infection of mucus membranes

Coccidioido Mycosis- prevelant toxic mold in southwest often carried in the wind



The company that tests for molds here in ABQ is Immunolytics 505-217-0339

Common Heavy Metals:  

Mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium. 

Important Antioxidants/Supplements: 

Selenium (brewers yeast) 

Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrenols) 

Vitamin C  (sodium ascorbate)

Alpha Lipoic Acid-  (600 MG) Restless Leg, Neuropathy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Diabetes (Recommends a compounded cream with EDTA for better absorption or I.V.) 

Glutathione (GSH) - liver detox and exposure to environmental toxins activates killer cells. Brand name Immunocal can order from Dr. Scott but not available in stores. 

Benfotiamine- Restless Leg Syndrome and Neuropathy.

Magnesium- bowel health and absorption (if you take vitamins E, D, or calcium you should also supplement with Magnesium)